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YLG | Yorkshire Logistics Group Donation to local foodbank

How SME’s can support Local Charities:

The Trussell Trust

On Friday 21st December 2018 Yorkshire Logistics Group arranged for a same day driver & vehicle to collect donations of non-perishable food items to be donated to the Trussell Trust foodbank in Bradford.

The Trussell Trust is a charity with over 1,200 centres throughout the UK, providing emergency food supplies to those facing financial problems. In the past year figures state the Trussell Trust provided in excess of 1,332,000 emergency three-day food supplies to those in need. The Charity reports the main reason people turn to food banks is Low-income [28.49%] alongside benefit delays [23.74%]

Akeroyd & Topham join campaign to provide food donations to Trussel Trust

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We teamed up with CHS Vehicles and Akeroyd & Topham (pictured) who provided generous donations of essential food, toiletries and some Christmas treats! Our combined donation totalled 107KG of food items.

We chose to donate to this particular charity due to the 13% increase in the amount of people turning to UK Food banks in 2018. The Trussel Trust in Bradford reports a 25% increase in use from 2017. The thought of turning to a foodbank days before Christmas for both ourselves and the supporting businesses is unthinkable. We are very thankful to receive the support of both companies.

YLG will now donate an annual contribution fee of £360 which the foodbank has to pay each year.

How SME's can help:

1: Organise a collection

Whether you have a large volume of employees/colleagues or you are in contact with neighbouring SME’s – arranging a food collection or ‘Can-drive’ can be as easy as creating an email & sharing it with others. Simply advise of a certain date you wish employees/colleagues to bring in their donations by and designate an area of your premises for the items to be stored. The only cost to your business is transporting the donation to the charity.

NOTE: Foodbanks will generally only accept food items which are non-perishable (they don’t spoil unless opened) However some foodbanks accept fresh produce, so we would highly recommend anyone wishing to donate to make contact with the Charity first. All items must be in-date

2: Purchase donations

Foodbanks are often in need of particular items and can run short of necessities. The Trussell Trust website advises those wishing to donate to contact your local food bank directly to ask what kind of items they require. Nappies, Sanitary products & Body wash are just a handful of products which can be overlooked by donors.

Why not open an online account with your local supermarket and simply order the items your foodbank is in need of?

This will help you to keep track of the amount you are spending and the items you are buying

3: Donate the annual fee

The Trussell Trust asks individual foodbanks to make a contribution of £1500 towards the charity in their first year of opening and £360 for each following year. If you don’t have the man-power needed to physically collect and deliver donations, why not pay a food banks yearly charge?

Use this link to donate to the Trust: https://www.trusselltrust.org/get-involved/ways-to-give/make-a-one-off-donation/